A Bounty Harvest... FDR Small Space Garden Exhibit

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Just a few years ago, the Home Garden site was a parking lot, built in the 1940s to serve the large crowds visiting the President's home, library, and museum. More recently, efforts to bring back the Home Garden began when parking was relocated to the north of the garden site. Restoration is currently focused on soil health, the foundation of productive gardening.

The earth uncovered beneath excavated concrete was deficient of nutrients, structure, and living organisms necessary for a garden to thrive. Park horticulturists are adding compost, cover crops, and organic matter crucial for healthy plant growth. As fertility improves, Roosevelt vegetable crops will grow here in abundance once again and serve the local community. (Source:

FDR - Small Garden Exhibit is one section of the 800 acre estate.

All food harvested from the garden is donated to local community food banks.

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