Loofa Gourds...

I meet with folks of all nationalities... A Chinese visitor added to my Loofa Gourd knowledge stating that: "Chinese will cross section slices of large Loofa Gourd and stitch together to make sandals"! ;-) He added, "they are very rough on the feet at first but become exceedingly comfortable over time".

Every (!) visitor I greet, of all nationalities and political persuasions, is willing to engage with me.. First interchange is about vegetable and food of course. Then onto the Roosevelts...followed by food sustainability, immersion into a garden as activity/meaning/purpose, climate change

I have incorporated several Japanese themes into "Al-town". The most impacting (my belief) is the design of the "feng shui" entrance wall. I wanted a design to draw folks in. The wall blocks the interior garden view sooo...folks have to walk in if they want to see what's inside. Then, on approach to the wall, they have to stop and ponder: "Should I turn left or right"? Gotcha! Made them stop and become aware of the "moment/present"! ;-)

The new Loofah trellis is bamboo framed and somewhat Japanese in appearance and the curved base of the feng shui entrance wall is planted with "uniform in height" Shushito peppers (best harvested/⁸served green they say?)

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